There Is No More Haiti: Between Life and Death in Port-au-Prince. University of California Press.



“Deeply researched and lived, Greg Beckett’s portrait of Port-au-Prince is full of insights about an often misunderstood city at one of its least understood times.”

—Jonathan M. Katz, author of The Big Truck That Went By: How the World Came to Save Haiti and Left Behind a Disaster


“A knowledgeable and moving tour d’horizon of the crises that Haitians have lived through since the fall of the Duvalier dynasty: coups, countercoups, occupations, hurricanes, and the devastating 2010 earthquake. Greg Beckett navigates this scene alongside insightful and witty Haitians from all walks of life. It’s an intriguing look at the way people manage to survive intense and ongoing political and natural trauma.”

—Amy Wilentz, author of Farewell, Fred Voodoo: A Letter from Haiti


“Exceptionally written, Greg Beckett’s book is a poignant, very human tale that highlights how people in Haiti endure and respond to ‘crisis.’ It offers rich ethnographic detail, revealing diverse local perspectives on multiple events from the catastrophic to the ‘everyday.’ There Is No More Haiti is an important and needed text, centering human faces, experiences, understandings, and voices behind the statistics and honoring their dignity.”

—Mark Schuller, author of Humanitarian Aftershocks in Haiti


“Simply put, this is a breathtaking work: overwhelmingly smart, overwhelmingly careful and deliberate in its attentions, and, above all, overwhelmingly filled with love for the places and people whose lives (and deaths) it seeks to understand.”

—Patrick Anderson, author of Autobiography of a Disease


“Greg Beckett is among a new generation of young scholars who offers a non-Eurocentric path for understanding ‘the other.’ With solid theoretical credentials, he brings an urgently needed and sincere humanistic empathy to his subjects—the only way to make sense of our collective present.”

—Raoul Peck, filmmaker and director of I Am Not Your Negro


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